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By Barry Chamish

So here's how you bury the Yossi Ginosar scandal. You create an even
better one. Like clockwork, before every national election, the Attorney
General or State Comptroller recommends indicting Likud politicians for
sundry crimes. In 1992, this strategy helped put Rabin in power.
      This year the strategy resumed with new urgency. It served the double
purpose of trying to put Labor back in power and covering up the scandal
that can destroy its very existence forever; the
Ginosar/Arafat/Muhamed/Lev/Barak/Peres/Beilin embezzlement of the Oslo
"peace" process.
      This week, Attorney General Elyakim Rubinstein discovered vote buying
at the Likud primaries and within a nanosecond ordered the police to open
an investigation. The media hopped on board in half a nanosecond and voila,
the public is talking about such steamy issues as the selling of sex for
Likud votes. Meanwhile, the Attorney General has not ordered an
investigation of Ginosar and the media are forgetting this infinitely more
felonious crime.
     Not that the public is completely blind to the farce. Reports I
received from inside the Feiglin camp confirm the charges against the
Likud. But everyone knows that Labor invented vote buying and this year was
no different than any other. So, Rubinstein announced that he has directed
the police to investigate Labor too. That should hog the headlines until
the election and shunt Ginosar aside until his crimes no longer interest
the public.
     And while the Likud's corruption is guaranteed to grab most of the
reporting space, look what Rubinstein forgot to investigate:

     * Gad Zeevi is finally being indicted for massive fraud. To follow
this side scandal, do a search at  As I recently
reported, Zeevi and Haifa mayor Amram Mitzna were just a bit too buddy
buddy over the past years. Mitzna handed Zeevi prime municipal real estate
for a song to build huge shopping and residential complexes. So why aren't
Mitzna's ties to international bunko artist Zeevi being investigated by

     * And look who is number ten on the Labor list. Why it's none other
than Isaac Herzog, son of the president who pardoned Ginosar for his
blatant crimes of perjury in 1987. Isaac was head of Ehud Barak's campaign
team which defrauded innocent, well-meaning foreigners with scam charity
projects whose donations went straight into Barak's wallet. Rubinstein
ordered this scandal investigated two years ago and subsequently Herzog
took the Fifth with the cops, revealing not a word about his illegal
activities. Now why did Labor put him into their top ten charts?

     Rubinstein's strategy to hush Ginosar may not work because this
scandal is just so filthy. Knowing how the government covered up the real
Rabin murder, we shouldn't be too hopeful. Yet there are signs.
     For one thing, new information was published by Maariv last Friday. An
owner of the original Jericho casino explained how Ginosar got wind of the
project and had a little talk with the PLO's intelligence chief Jibril
Rajoub. He turned up at the building site with his goons and gave the
workers twenty minutes to clear out. He then took over the casino with his
partner Ginosar.
     And the plot thickens. Ginosar planted himself in the Defence Ministry
and persuaded its Minister, Binyamin Ben Eliezer not to attack the casino.
So while the intifada burned, the casino's profits kept rolling in, then to
be skimmed by Ginosar and Rajoub. And while reported income was a mere $50
million monthly, the actual take was closer to an astounding $800 million.
This was a money laundering apparatus par excellence. Only when the
terrorists used the casino building to attack the IDF did the army put an
end to its operation.
     Now why, oh why, did Ben Eliezer agree to Ginosar's protection
request? Could it be money, money, money? In his pocket, pocket, pocket?