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By Barry Chamish

 Last November, I was invited by Atara Beck to speak at Israel's, The
Judaica Centre in Toronto. After she organized a most successful lecture,
she gave me a book written by her father M.J. Nurenberger. This wasn't the first time I was given a book to read and rarely is the task rewarding.
After dawdling two months, I finally set about to give the late Mr.
Nurenberger a chance.
   I hope he forgives me for ever doubting him.
   M. J. Nurenberger was a wartime columnist for Jewish newspapers
worldwide. He later founded the Canadian Jewish News, the country's most influential Jewish media source. The book I read by him, The Scared And The Doomed - The Jewish Establishment vs.The Six Million, is one of the most important works about modern Jewish history and for me, completes the trilogy of truth about the Jewish leaders' role in the Holocaust, which includes Perfidy by Ben Hecht and The Transfer Agreement by Edward Black.
   I have previously reviewed Perfidy and The Transfer Agreement and found both contained nearly divine lessons about Israel's situation today. The Scared And The Doomed confirms the demoralizing truths found in those books because Nurenberger was an eye-witness to the events the other authors covered.
    But his book adds so many details. The following is a long critique.
Mr. Nurenberger's quotes will speak for themselves but I'll add commentary.
I won't dwell on events covered by Hecht and Black but will recommend that all three books be read one after another. The effect is a horrid
indictment of world, especially, Jewish leaders, but none moreso than the
founding fathers of Labor Zionism. Once the rotten stench of the truth
wears off, readers will have learned the lessons needed to save Israel and the Jewish nation from still, another slaughter.
    Perfidy is sold by Gefen Publishing,, The
Transfer Agreement has been republished by Brookline Books,  and The Scared And The Doomed is available by writing,

While There Was Time

    Before the war broke out, a group of Zionists led by Vladimir
Jabotinsky foresaw the upcoming Holocaust of the Jews. His followers were
known as the Revisionists and later founded the Irgun. They proposed
practical solutions to fight Hitler but one stands out: a Jewish army on
the European continent trained by what would be known as the Allies.
Jabotinsky could have recruited over a hundred thousand men and had he done
so, the Jews could have protected themselves. But the Jewish establishment
would not allow him to save Europe's Jews.

    "The war against Jabotinsky, followed by wars against the Irgun, made
a united Jewish resistance impossible and indirectly prepared the ground
for the great tragedy of World War II. The mentality of relying upon
professional organizations and an elite leadership still threatens the
entire Jewish way of life and, indeed, our very survival."  pp 23

    "During the last few months of Jabotinsky's life, he was under
constant attack by the Jewish establishment as an 'irresponsible' leader
and a pessimist. The campaign against him in New York was truly miserable.
The entire Jewish press, in the service of the establishment, did not let
up in its ridicule." pp 37

    "The project (a Jewish army) frightened the American Zionist
establishment which wanted no part of the flamboyant Jabotinsky. A few days
before a well-publicized Zionist rally, four Zionist leaders - Louis
Lipsky, Rabbi Stephen Wise, Eliezer Kaplan (then treasurer of the Jewish
Agency in Jerusalem), and Solomon Goldman - called on Lord Lothian in
Washington and announced that, 'responsible Zionist quarters disassociated
themselves from Jabotinsky's adventurous scheme.'" pp 48

    "This episode certainly is relevant to what happened later and is an
illustration of how the Jewish establishment fought any serious effort to
organize world Jewry against Hitler. Their actions were dictated by the
fear that Jabotinsky would become a real challenge to Chaim Weizmann and go
on to become leader of the Jewish people. This has remained the
preoccupation of the establishment."  pp 50

    "Thus the Labor Zionists who had forged an alliance with the timid,
frightened pro-British wing of the   General Zionists, gained final control
of the entire World Zionist Movement and its fundraising apparatus. There
was no opposition except from breakaway factions, a situation that prevails
to this day in the Jewish state."  pp 52

Nuremberger confirms that there were two strands of Zionism, the moral or
Revisionist brand and the utterly demonic Labor Zionism. To stress the
obvious, very few Labor Zionist advocates were in on the secret
machinations of their leaders. Most were good people, deeply manipulated by
their leaders. Keep reading to see just how foul these machinations were.
Still we must ask, why couldn't the followers of Jewish socialism of the
1930s and 40s see through their leaders, any more than the well-meaning
followers of the Israeli far left can see through theirs today.

The Slovakian Saints

    Nurenberger proves, beyond doubt, that the Nazis viewed Jews as a
commodity to be sold to any bidder. Both Black and Hecht made the same
discovery. The criminals committing mass murder desisted when paid off to
do so. The Scared And The Doomed provides several examples of bribes saving
lives but none so heartbreaking and frustrating as that of two Jews from
Slovakia, Rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandl and his assistant Gizi Fleishmann.
They first sent cables to an associate, Isaac Sternbuch, the Swiss
representative of the Vaad Hatzalah (Salvation Committee), who passed them
on to American Jewish leaders. By this route, the leaders had the earliest
proof that the Holocaust was under way. A route had been blazed between
Slovakia and Switzerland to save the nation's Jews and all that was needed
was enough money to bribe one or two German officers.

    "Cable from Sternbuch to Jacob Rosenheim: 'According to the last
authentic and repeated information, the German authorities recently
evacuated completely the population of the Warsaw ghetto. One hundred
thousand Jews were murdered in the most bestial manner. The mass murders
still continue. From the corpses, Germans make soap and fertilizer.' ...The
matter was not given publicity because Rosenheim promised to keep it
strictly secret in exchange for the assurance that the United States
government would take some action immediately."  pp 62-63

   "There was no use talking to any of those Jews abroad because they were
criminals: they refused to save people from killers. Instead of secretly
negotiating for the release of hostages, they made public statements and
sought publicity as 'leaders of their people.'...After the war, when
Weissmandl's memoirs of that period appeared, he understood that most of
the Orthodox rabbis in America and the Irgun delegation there were not only
foiled in their efforts to arouse he Americans to 'buy Jews' - this was Ben
Hecht's overt slogan  - but were maligned by those in the Jewish
establishment who feared 'competition' in the field of fundraising within
the Jewish community."  pp 65

   "By 1943 many Nazis had already realized that they would have to save
their skins, so Dieter von Wissliczeny, Eichmann's second-in-command,
suggested several deals to the secret committee in Bratislava of which
Weissmandl was a member. In fact, negotiations had started as early as
1941, when the Eichmann organization still believed that Jews overseas and
Allied governments were interested in 'buying' Jewish lives...Weissmandl
established contact with the representatives of the American Joint
Distribution Committee in Switzerland...Weissmandl was not taken seriously.
In one of his acrimonious letters to American Jewish leaders, he wrote; '
You are dealing with Nazis. You are afraid to risk money to save lives. You
are insane.'" pp 66-67

   "The rabbi described in detail the types of officials with whom he was
dealing. When Wisliczeny, the German bureaucrat in charge of exterminating
the Jews, received his first payment, he kept his word and stopped the
deportations. Weissmandl informed his friends abroad that there was no
danger that any funds would land in the German war treasury. Those who were
bribed put their money into their own pockets; they were saving up for
defeat."  pp 69

   "The map that Weissmandl sent abroad by special courier, a detailed map
of Auschwitz with a request that the crematoria be put out of order, wound
up in the wastebasket of some bureaucrat in a New York Jewish office."  pp 68

   "Gizi Fleischmann had always been a dedicated Zionist...and remained in
constant touch with the headquarters of the World Zionist Movement in
Jerusalem. Gizi informed her superiors that the deportations could be
stopped quickly if certain conditions were met...These Nazis declared that
they would find ways to relieve the situation of the Jews of Poland through
an agency they would set up in Berlin...They pledged themselves to
completely halt the second deportation."  pp 70

    "Gizi Fleischmann was an idealist who could not understand why all her
appeals to Jerusalem were ignored. During, 1943, the time of greatest
opportunity for rescue, the establishment leaders in America were busy
fighting every move by the Emergency Committee. It was the leaders of the
establishment there who decided what they would or would not do about the
ransom money and about saving Jews from Nazis. It was they who believed
themselves to be the divinely appointed representatives of all Jews,
including those in Hitler's camps."  pp 70

   "The New York Vaad Hatzalah decided to pay the ransom on time, no
matter how difficult it might be to raise the funds, because such an appeal
could not be made public. They wired their committee in Switzerland that
Weissmandl should go ahead, that the money would be deposited. The cable
never reached Switzerland; it was stopped by a censor. The censor was Moe
Levitt, executive director of the American Joint Distribution Committee.
The American government had appointed the JDC as the clearing house for all
such messages...Is it possible to deny that by this action, the Joint
contributed to the liquidation of innumerable thousands of hostages?"  pp 72

   "Those in control of the funds of the Jewish Agency in Jerusalem and
the JDC in New York would not 'gamble' ransom money. They gambled with the
lives of fellow Jews...Gizi went to incredible lengths to impress upon the
leaders of the Jewish Agency that they must take seriously the possibility
of rescue, but to no avail. Documents prove that these leaders tried to
withhold information concerning the extermination from the Jewish community
in Palestine and from the press."  pp 73-74

   "It is evident that had the Nazis known the Jews of Europe were a
commodity, worth something to the Allies, that many would have had second
thoughts when it came to collaborating fully in the so-called Final
Solution. But how could the Nazis have known this, when the European Jews
were seemingly worthless to their overseas bretheren?"  pp.171

    Gizi Fleishmann was later cremated alive at Auschwitz while Weissmandl
saved himself by jumping off the train to the same death camp.

The American Jewish Leaders

When reading the following quotes, ask yourself how the current crop of
American Jewish leaders would react to the Holocaust. We know the answer by
their reaction in 1993 to the Israeli government's sellout to the world's
leading terrorist, Yasir Arafat. Though most Israelis opposed the agreement
with all their hearts, rightly fearing that Israel would turn into Beirut
of the '80s, the American Jewish leadership rallied around the flag of
suicide. All except the Likud-appointed AIPAC whose leadership was ousted
through a salacious campaign of innuendo without any cries of objection
from their fellow "Jewish leaders."

   "Were they stupid? Were some of them, in a sense, war criminals? Should
there be a Jewish War Crimes Tribunal, and should the survivors of these
organizations be asked to appear before such a court? What kind of people
run what we call in the community, 'Jewish life?'"  pp 107

    "The Jews Of Europe had one hope: that the United States and her
allies would proclaim that the Jews locked within Hitler's fortress were
prisoners of war, that the Red Cross had a duty to report to the Allied
governments on their fate and that the extermination camps would be
bombarded. Each time such demands were stated, the Jewish establishment not
only refused to support them, but denounced the Irgun delegation as
irresponsible adventurers. It became very easy for Roosevelt not to
consider the Irgun demands, for he could always dispense with them by
stating that they came from unauthorized Jewish sources. Thus, the Jews of
Europe lost their war for survival because those who claimed to speak for
them did not even mention their plight."  pp 166-167

   "Dr. Wise became so angry on account of these advertisements, on
account of all this 'irresponsibility' on the part of the so-called
unauthorized Jewish groups, that he attacked the Emergency Committee. Of
course, each attack by Wise strengthened the position of Secretary Hull and
Breckenridge Long, who could well afford to continue being tolerant towards
Germany's war of extermination against the Jews. It took two years and
three to four million corpses before an American agency to rescue Jews
became operational, all because of sabotage by the Jewish establishment,
which feared competition and was intent on maintaining its position no
matter what the cost...One of the stalling maneuvers was the House
Committee On Foreign Affairs hearing organized by Congressman Bloom with a
design to diminish the impression made by the Emergency Committee. The
hearings effectively postponed action for another year ..The Emergency
Committee warned American Jews against these tactics but was relatively
helpless as the Zionist organizations had at their disposal tremendous
subsidies from the United Jewish Appeal."  pp 170, 172

   "The activities of Agudat Israel led to open conflict with the World
Jewish Congress and The American Jewish Congress who picketed the offices
of Agudat Israel because they 'helped the Nazis by sending food to the Jews
in Poland.'" pp 174

   "In a cold and frightful voice, Dr. Nahum Goldmann of the World Jewish
Congress said, 'I think we have to take into consideration the
extermination of the majority of European Jews, except those who are in the
USSR or Britain.' Nahun Goldmann admitted, years after the war, that he
'made a mistake' during World War II - just a tiny error." pp 177

   "As more and more declassified documents continue to indicate, the
Irgun delegates were accused of misappropriating funds, and were troubled
by the attentions of the Internal Revenue Service."  pp 179

   "During 1943 the Zionist organization and the American Jewish Congress
continually undermined the position of the Irgun representatives. For
example, every time a prominent American lent his name to the Committee, he
would receive a letter from Stephen Wise urging him to resign. Dr. Wise, in
a memorandum  to Harold Ickes, Roosevelt's Secretary Of The Interior, had
this to say: 'I do not like to speak ill to you concerning a group of Jews,
but I am under the inexorable necessity of saying to you that the time will
come, and come soon, when you will find it necessary to withdraw from this
irresponsible group.' These legislators were bombarded with letters from
Jewish organizations to the effect that they were being used for
fundraising and personal enrichment. Some were practically forced to make
statements from the Senate floor in order to defend themselves against
influential Jews."  pp 180

    "The Zionist statement 'informed' Americans that this group, in
Palestine, opposed 'the official Zionist policy of disciplined restraint'
against Arab rioters...Thousands of copies of this statement were
distributed to people throughout the United States to warn them against the
Emergency Committee, instead of supporting its effort to establish a
powerful agency to save the Jews of Europe."  pp 182

    "One should remember that ever since late summer in 1942, all American
Jewish leaders, as well as the leaders of the Jewish community in
Palestine, had known the terrible truth about the Nazi extermination
program. They knew that every day, while they were debating Zionism and
non-Zionism, thousands and tens of thousands of Jews were being condemned
to the furnaces of Auschwitz and Maidenek. Yet Zionist business, Jewish
community dinners and testimonials for important philanthropists continued
as usual. No neurosis engulfed the Jewish community. All Jewish offices
continued to function as in yesteryear. But in Europe the German machine
functioned with unabated efficiency."  pp 189

    "It is not an accident of history that from 1933 to 1945, no important
Jewish organization ever demanded that the United States open its doors to
the Jews threatened by Hitler."  pp 191

    "The Jewish establishment, afraid of losing its influence upon the
community, instead of supporting rescue, mobilized all its power not to
save the Jews of Europe but to save the prestige of its leaders. This
effort was financed from public funds collected among Jews to help the
refugees. Jewish professionals used to salaries larger than those paid to
members of the United States Congress, would not have survived if Irgun
policy had become their financial policy."  pp 193

    "Wise devised a very diplomatic solution. He knew that he could not
publicly oppose a resolution establishing a government agency to save the
European Jews, but could kill it by lending it a political
character...There was a war against the entire Jewish people and the Jewish
leadership was playing the futile game of Who's Who in American Jewry."  pp 194

    "It is not widely appreciated that during World War II there was one
segment within American Jewry that used every possible means to save Jews:
the Orthodox Jewish groups...Someone within the Jewish community, someone
among its 'recognized' leaders, must have made it easy for the President to
insult the most respected spiritual leaders of American Jewry...Judge
Samuel I. Rosenman, FDR's speechwriter was asked to intervene so the
President would not have to receive a rabbinical delegation... Roosevelt
must have learned that as long as he listened to the establishment Jews, he
could continue to fool the Jews of America by publicly telling them one
thing and doing otherwise behind the scenes...Wise's response to the
slaughter of his brethren was to occupy himself with attacking the Irgun
delegation, which had charged Roosevelt with personal responsibility for
the lives of European Jewry."  pp 198-199, 202, 203

    "The fact that a few thousand were saved was entirely due to the
efforts of a small number of activists in Switzerland, led by Recha
Sternbuch, who represented American Orthodox Jews. For three years, from
1941 to 1944, the Joint in America refused to support this 'illegal'
activity...Sternbuch had made an effort to directly contact the Joint in
America to counteract their Swiss representative Sally Meyer's obstruction
but to no avail. The first transport of Jews from Germany was discontinued
because of Mayer's sabotage." pp 225

    "A professional Jew by the name of Henry Montor, then executive
Vice-President of the United Jewish Appeal of America, circulated thousands
of copies of a letter asking Jews not to support illegal emigration to
Palestine. The circular was mailed on the stationery of the United Jewish
appeal on behalf of the American Joint Distribution Committee. Monter later
became head of the State Of Israel Bonds organization in America. Of
course, he will never be tried by a Jewish tribunal because he belongs to
the 'right' Zionist party."  pp 54

   "The president  of Hadassah followed the same line:'The time has come
for heart-searching discussions and thoughtful exploration of plans for
American Jewry's participation in the post-war reconstruction of Jewish
life.' She then praised B'nai B'rith for organizing a successful
conference. The Jews in Auschwitz and Maidenek apparently did not know what
wonderful opportunities were awaiting them after cremation."  pp 112- 113

   "It is almost amusing to read the speeches of the leaders who stressed
unity as the most important issue: a unity that would block dissident
action on behalf of European Jewry."  pp 111

    "Has the establishment that carries such a burden of guilt given up,
relegated itself to the shadow of history? Has it made room for others less
guilty to continue in the effort to redeem what is redeemable, to revive
what could be made to live and flourish again? Or has this new class of
professionals Jewish leaders entrenched itself with such power that the
facts of history will remain hidden until the end of time?"  pp 74

To the final question, the answer is yes and no; the American Jewish
organizations have been running a coverup for sixty years. But they won't
get away with it much longer, partly because their policies are
disintegrating the American Jewish community which feeds it. Those Jews who
survive the materialism, inter-marriage and decadence will expose the
corruption of the "leaders" in time. That is guaranteed.

But in the meantime, these organizations are repeating their Holocaust
activities precisely the same way they did so sixty years ago. They honor
the likes of Henry Kissinger, who tried to destroy Israel in the Yom Kippur
War, and has the bloodstains of 3500 Jewish soldiers on his hands. They pay
William Jefferson Clinton, who has about 150 scalps of his victims on his
rack, $100,000 to receive plaques and diplomas because he was "a true
friend to Israel." And they believe it to the point of advocating his wife,
whose financial ties to Arab terror groups go back over twenty years, for a
Senatorial post in a largely Jewish district.

After honoring the most wicked of their American enemies, they lionize
Israeli collaborators with the enemy with names like Beilin, Dayan and
Sarid. Even worse, they ask the murderer of Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres to
come to their temples and pass on his bloody wisdom. In return for his
honored presence, they use their control of the media to make certain that
the real story of the Rabin assassination is never known to their constituency.

If that isn't demoralizing enough, they invite PLO leaders, even Arafat, to
their dinners as peacemakers. Why not, they can afford it? The Jewish
leaders are not chosen for their innate understanding of diplomacy or war,
rather the richest appoint themselves to the highest posts. Thus, the
greediest and most unscrupulous run the show. These are just the type of
people who will sell their souls and those of their people for a position
of power and lots of acclaim. But they can never receive enough acclaim, so
they plan dinners and give each other even more trophies.

And they are still taking orders from the "peace" camp of the Jewish
Agency, the same folks who wouldn't fight the Arabs in the 1930s and are
just as opposed to doing so today. These folks with their American Jewish
leaders in tow are directly responsible for the chaos that exists in Israel
today and for the thousands of Jewish deaths and mutilations in the name of
their nine year old peace process.

Nothing has changed. The demented egomaniacs who ran the biggest American
Jewish organizations of six decades ago are still in power. And under them
Israeli Jewry has as good a chance of survival as European Jewry once did.

Note that just like in 1944, the UJA's central theme today is Jewish Unity.
It's a noble thought but an empty one: who is going to unify behind deadly
idiocy this time around?

FDR And The State Department

One must recall that by the 1930s, the State Department had been totally
shanghied  by a small but rotten Manhattan think tank called the Council On
Foreign Relations. This notorious sham was founded with Rockefeller and
Morgan money in 1922 and its stated goal is a vast reduction of population
followed by a one world government with them in charge. They despise Jews
at the top, so recruit lots for the middle who will do their bidding.
Almost every major Jewish organization in America today is run by CFR
members with names like Bronfman, Lauder, Hoenlin, Seigman and

FDR's Secretary of State Cordell Hull was a longtime high-ranking CFR
officer and it's a fair bet that his anti-semite deputy Breckenridge Long
was too. In 1942, FDR met with the Saudi royal family and cut a
multi-billion dollar deal. The Saudis would appoint the Bechtel
Corporation, of which Hull was VP, to build an oil pipeline to the
Mediterranean. But not if FDR was too nice to the Jews. Watch as an
incredibly cynical FDR feigns friendship with the Jewish leaders, while
condemning their families to genocide.

Recall that the CFR still runs the State Department and the President and
is conducting the exact same ploys on the current crop of Jewish leader

     "On February 10, 1939, the Department Of State informed President
Franklin Delano Roosevelt of a secret memo sent to American representatives
of the Intergovernmental Refugee Committee. The wire contained instructions
from then Secretary Of State Cordell Hull concerning a 'program of
emigration' of Jews from Nazi-controlled territory...The Nazis wanted to
get rid of Jews 'in a civilized manner' but the State Department threw a
monkey wrench into the program from its very beginning. This was the
manner  in which the State Department treated any suggestion for evacuation
of Jews from Hitler-held territory."  pp 13-14

     "Breckenridge Long and his immediate superior, Secretary-of-State
Cordell Hull made sure that members of the American delegation remembered
that nothing should be done to 'interfere with the war effort,' a euphemism
which signified opposition to the rescue of Jews. pp 169

     "Nahum Goldmann sent a memo to the State Department proving that the
Jewish establishment had been fighting the Irgun representatives since
their activities began. Goldmann wrote the following letter to Mr. Wallace
Murray of the Department of State: 'All Zionist organizations in the
country repudiate the Committee For A Jewish Army.' The sins of the
Committee must have been very grave for 'all Zionist groups' to issue a
statement denouncing them."  pp 187-88

     "Bloom was a truly pathetic figure. He was a State Department boy as
far as the Jewish issue was concerned. And so, while the State Department
continued to frustrate and earnest effort to rescue the masses of European
Jews, its bureaucrats found in Bloom a Satan's gift - an ideal instrument
to thwart a declaration that the rescue of European Jewry was an important
aim of the Allied Powers."  pp 190

     "How 'successful' the Zionist leaders were with their political
campaign on behalf of Palestine became clear after the war. Britain did not
move one inch, nor did Roosevelt. We know that while the President had
authorized Stephen Wise to make statements on his behalf in support of the
establishment of a Jewish Commonwealth in Palestine, the President and the
State Department continually assured the Arabs in secret memoranda and
secret conversations that they should not pay any attention to these
political statements. The Arabs were told that these proclamations were
meaningless vote-getting gimmicks and did not represent American
policy.  pp 235

     "The State Department's indifference to the fate of European Jewry
suggests that Washington indirectly consented to the Final Solution." pp 190

To illustrate how thoroughly American Jews have been misled by their
leaders, 90% will tell you that FDR was a great president who was good for
the Jews. Incredible, but true. Take your own poll if you can't believe
such blindness actually exists in any people, anywhere.

Chaim Weizmann And The British

The Labor Zionist myth is that the Balfour Declaration, promising British
support for a Jewish state, was presented to Chaim Weizmann as a gift for
his World War One chemical process which created acetone for explosives
from peeling paint. Nothing of this myth is true, though the British did
put up a phoney factory to produce the magic acetone, but not so much as a
firecracker was ever manufactured there.

Chaim Weizmann was the emissary of the British crown, and its associated
secret societies. He did their bidding and was welcome in all corridors of
power. As you shall see, even the Rothschilds had to seek his permission
before financing any project.

American Jewish leaders convinced their congregations that Weizmann gained
his power from being chairman of the Jewish Agency and president of its
umbrella group, the World Zionist Organization (WZO), even though he lived
in London and not Jerusalem. These leaders did not make a move without his
say-so and he said that European Jews must die.

     "At the meeting in Zurich, the gathering applauded Weizmann despite
his proclamation that only two million - the young, the idealistic, would
survive the oncoming flood. The others, he said, because of historical
developments, would disappear, 'like dust.'"   pp 35

     "Perhaps a British hand was in the murder of Arlozoroff. Perhaps. But
one thing is certain: Dividing Jews in Palestine into two opposing camps
suited the British perfectly."  pp 47

     "It was no accident that Weizmann fought any attempt to support the
'illegal' immigration when the doors of Palestine were closed, and that he
resented anyone who contradicted his views. For example, at the beginning
of World War II, in London, where he lived, when asked by one of the
Rothschilds to help the Irgun bring a boat of Aliyah Bet to Palestine,
Weizmann said, 'he would not sit down with a satan.' This was already at
the time that there was no other avenue of escape."  pp 90

     "This development came later. During the years when the Six Million
were in the balance, the official Zionist Movement in the Free World was
influenced by Weizmann's cautious policy of not wanting to antagonize the
British. As early as 1933, the Jewish Agency, in the wake of the Transfer
Deal with Germany, continued to import German products into the Middle
East. At the same time it continued to harass the Irgun-sponsored Aliyah
Bet."  pp 91

    "As a young man Felix Frankfurter was a representative of the World
Zionist Organization and Dr. Chaim Weizmann. He also successfully
negotiated an agreement between the British and King Faisal of Saudi
Arabia."  pp 159

     "As a conference to end all Jewish conferences, the most important
political 'resolution' was the greeting sent to Dr. Chaim Weizmann in
London. It affirmed support for this elegant and diplomatic representative
of the Jews, and voiced opposition to the extremists and adventurers who
would force open the doors of Palestine. No doubt the British government
was pleased to have the support of the conference."  pp 115

Now let's get it straight for once! Chaim Weizmann knew the results of the
Holocaust ahead of time and deliberately allowed the slaughter to take
place. He knew what he was doing and turned Jewish leaders in America and
Jerusalem into mass murderers in the second degree. It's not just that he
followed British dictates and agreed with their policy of blocking refugee
immigration into Palestine. He was sending official proclamations to Jewish
leaders worldwide, not to try and save their co-religionists in Europe no
matter where they were headed. And they listened to him because he was the
head of the Jewish Agency, the capital of Labor Zionism.

The Jewish Agency

Nearing the end of the war, Eichmann cut a deal with a rabbi named Yoel
Brand. He would save all the remaining Jews of Hungary, in exchange for 700
trucks. Brand travelled to Allepo, Syria to meet Jewish Agency deputy head
Moshe Sharett to raise funds for the trucks. There, he was quickly arrested
by the British. This doomed the Jews of Hungary. The order for the arrest
must have come from Sharett and his superior, Chaim Weizmann.

And do keep in mind that the Jewish Agency is still behind used to weaken
the Jewish nation. It has been reliably reported that a recent head,
Avraham Burg, long corrupted and groomed by Israel's deepest enemies,
initiated a policy change which allowed a flood of gentiles to pour into
Israel from the  former Soviet Union. A dilution of the Jewish character of
the state, as assimilation in the diaspora, in time, will serve the same
purpose as the Holocaust: the destruction of Jewry.

     "The Transfer Deal of 1933, signed between the Jewish Agency and the
German Nazi authorities, allowed wealthy German Jews who emigrated to
Palestine, to export German goods representing a small percentage of their
property. Thus, the Jewish Agency indirectly became a sales organization
promoting Nazi goods in the Middle East. It was the first act of Jewish
surrender to Hitler."  pp 23

     "Moshe Sharett, longtime foreign minister of Israel, was never
cleared of the accusation that Brand was turned over to the British by the
Zionist establishment. Brand's mission could have saved one hundred
thousand Hungarian Jews, or more."  pp 102

     "Only towards the end of November 1942 did officials of the Jewish
Agency finally permit the Palestinian press to release the news concerning
the extermination of Jews in Europe, at which time Agudat Israel demanded
the creation of an Emergency Committee."  pp 174

     "Suggestions for a solidarity strike in Palestine or public march in
Jerusalem were rejected by the Jewish Agency politicians on grounds that
they would imperil the 'good relations' between Palestinian Jews and the
British administration."  pp 174

      "Each committee had to be under the supervision of the Labor
Zionists. No instructions of this 'Rescue Committee' were to be carried out
if they were found to be in opposition to the policies of the
representatives of the leftist groups. According to a doctoral thesis
written by Arye Morgenstern, the representatives of the leftist groups
opposed every move towards independent, secret deals aimed at saving
lives."  pp 175

      "Jewish Agency executive Yitzhak Greenbaum stated at a committee
meeting, 'I do not believe we can save Polish Jewry or even help them.'
Greenbaum saw no reason to continue the public campaigns on behalf of
Polish Jews. He even stated that people should not continue to support the
negotiations of Rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandl in Slovakia. Later, Greenbaum
also stated that he did not approve of Joel Brand's rescue mission.
Greenbaum would become Israel's first Minister of the Interior. Today we
understand from Greenbaum's statements why the Zionist leaders in America,
acting under orders from Palestinian Jewish leaders, did not engage in any
earnest rescue work. We can also understand why Brand was turned over to
the British. Greenbaum was even more explicit. He said there were two areas
of Jewish combat: Palestine and rescue in the diaspora. One cannot postpone
the first because of the second. 'Zionism must be above any other
consideration.' The Jewish Agency was active only in bringing individual
Jews to Palestine...Greenbaum sabotaged the initiatives of Rabbi Weissmandl
and Gizi Feischmann in Bratislava and opposed Joel Brand as well.
Greenbaum, a leader of the Jewish Agency, adopted the same tone as Cordell
Hull, the American Secretary of State who declared the rescue of European
Jewry would only come about, 'after the victory of the Allies.'"  pp 176-177

    "'This calamity,' Greenbaum concluded in a memorandum, 'will prove the
Zionist point of view that only Palestine can save Jews and that only a
number of them will be saved. However, the Rescue Committee must continue
to operate in order to prove to the world and to the Jewish people that the
Jewish Agency is the only one that acts on behalf of saving lives.'
However, the Jewish Agency memorandum also contains notes of  'optimism.'
It is an optimism that makes one cry in despair. We are told that the
Holocaust will raise the prestige of Zionism as the only solution to the
world Jewish problem. Palestine will be recognized as the only country to
which Jews can turn in order to save themselves."  pp 179

     "It is understandable why those responsible for this policy have seen
to it that the story of our generation is not communicated factually to
children in Israeli public schools.  If they ever become acquainted with
these facts and begin to ask questions, G-d knows what would happen to some
of the street signs in Israeli cities named in honor of certain 'prominent'
Jewish leaders."  pp 68

While the Jewish Agency was deliberately thwarting efforts to rescue Jews
from the Nazis, it was conducting a tidy little business with the Nazi
regime in Germany. We knew that: it's the subject of Black's book, The
Transfer Agreement. And while the Nazis in charge of extermination were
offering every opportunity to bribe hundreds of thousands of Jews to
safety, the Jewish Agency was scorning their offers. We also knew that:
it's the subject of Ben Hecht's book, Perfidy.

What we didn't know until now is why. If Greenbaum was actually reflecting
Labor Zionist policy, this movement wanted a Holocaust to gain a nation in
their image. Only the individual Jews they chose were welcome within it.
It's too gruesome a thought to consider but then, how do we explain that
the far left of Israel today rejoice at terrorism against their own people
because they believe it justifies their political point of view? The
evidence is there and we can only accept that there is a self-destructive
phenomenon within radical liberal and left-wing Jewish politics that is
being exploited by the enemies of Judaism.

Nurenburger's conclusion, not totally covered by the evidence presented in
this critique, is that while Germany was the tool of the massacres, they
were fueled by Britain in collusion with the State Department and the
Vatican. This is the recognized top order of the illuminati, those with the
power to create a New World Order by destroying the Old. Labor Zionism was
used as another tool in the destruction of Judaism and it drew the American
Jewish leadership into its schemes.

American and Israeli Jewish leadership is as corrupted today as during the
Holocaust. Today's Jewish leaders will lead us into the next Holocaust, and
most won't be aware that they are being duped by their most vicious enemies.

The set has moved to Israel but they players are about the same. Mostly,
it's the Orthodox and the Right who are prepared to fight this round of
suicide. But those guiding us to doom are using their media power to
present the left and Labor Zionists as 'the peacemakers,' the rational,
civilized and cultured face of Jewry. And they have the sympathy of
America's Jewish leadership and their brainwashed, ignorant but fast
declining, minions.

Unlike Hitler, Arafat didn't do his job well enough, so a replacement will
be found; one that is smooth-talking enough to be acceptable to the leaders
of world Jewry. And watch, under the guidance of Labor Zionism, how the
American Jewish elite will run to his side. History will repeat itself
unless some very obvious steps are taken and quickly.

First, Nurenberger is right, the street names have to change. Nothing can
be named after Chaim Weizmann; no technology institutes, no prizes, not so
much as a garbage collection alley. The same goes for Stephen Wise, Nahum
Goldmann, Moshe Sharett and all the aiders and abetters of the Holocaust.
Modern Jewish history will have to be re-written from the bottom up. No
people can survive long living with such a perversion of the truth.

Jews, we have to be honest...about everything. Unless the organizations
representing Jews own up to their crimes, be they of commission or
omission, no one of honor can join them. If we have to start again, then
let's get rolling. It is now 1890. There is no Labor Zionism. We are mostly
religious, and truthful and good. The way G-d meant us to be. We have the
proudest history of any nation on the planet. Our leaders cannot be
corrupted. There are no Jewish organizations colluding with our mass
murderers. We defend Israel with honor because it is our rightful national
home. We make no more pacts with devils. We can't be fooled anymore;
especially by those we choose to lead our nation.