Provocation in Yesha

Arafat & Eliezer Whack the Yahoud


Settlers are experiencing considerable concern that the Left, using rogue agents in Israels Secret Service called Shabak (as it did with Avishai Raviv) may once again employ false provocations to turn the Nation of Israel against the Settlers. We all hope that Shabak has cleaned house of their political agent provocateurs but, one never knows. 

If, for example, while crowds of settlers are protesting the evacuation and uprooting of their homes, a shooter provocateur is melded into the legitimate settler protesters. The shooter provocateur then shoots a Jewish soldier or policeman from within the milling crowd. You can imagine the accusations from the Left. The Hebrew Leftist Media would feature the story as a proven accusation - as has happened in the past. Those of the Left are deeply committed to evacuating Jews from YESHA (Yehuda, Samaria and Gaza) as well as the Golan Heights and that part of Jerusalem occupied by Jordan for 19 years from 1948 to 1967. The Left wants to turn over the YESHA heartland to the Palestinians with the excuse that this will pacify the radical Muslim Arabs and bring peace. 

If shooting a Jewish soldier or policeman would assist in their prime goal, some would consider it a reasonable price to pay for what they view as the "greater good for all Israel". The question arises: "Is this to be a precursor to a future coordinated effort after the coming war against Iraq in order to uproot and evacuate the settlements for another Arab state called Palestine?"

I am certain that there are rogue elements in the Left who would again use agents provocateurs like Avishai Raviv to enrage the nation against the settlers. Hopefully, there are strong patriotic leaders within Shabak who will keep an eye on political elements within that organization so vital to Israels survival to stop any plans of this nature. Such manipulation is ugly as well as illegal if it can take such an important organization and compromise its future effectiveness. 

I am sad to say that the uprooting of Jewish settlements by Defense Minister Binyamin (Fuad) Ben-Eliezer must be laid at the doorstep of Prime Minister Ariel (Arik) Sharon. Clearly, Arik is allowing Fuad to uproot Jewish settlements for several reasons. 

First, the U.S. is demanding a show of compliance and obedience by Israel as their gift to the Arab nations.

Next, Sharon is allowing Fuad to attack the YESHA settlements to impress his Labor Party coalition allies and maintain his status as Defense Minister. This benefits Arik in terms of keeping the unity government because Fuad now has a debt to re-pay for the favor of Ariks permission to uproot Jews. Of course, Sharon has, therefore, double-crossed the political Right and YESHA but, he has also put Fuad out in front as his buffer. 

Dishonesty in politics is a natural state of affairs but, Sharon would be cheating the nation in this twisty solution. Sharon knows that dozens and dozens of Israeli towns started as Israels answer to Jews being murdered by Arabs at those very locations. I was reminded of this by Col. (Ret.) Moshe Leshem who enumerated some of the towns and cities which started as the Labor Partys forthright stance to honor those murdered Jews. 

In other words, the former Labor Zionists are now attacking (verbally) the current Zionists from the Right for doing what they did to build the country.

So, it works out like this: 

Arik gifts the U.S. with the uprooted settlements as a good will gesture for the Arabs to join the American coalition against Saddam. 

Arik gifts Fuad for his political security as party leader for the Labor Party. 

Arik gifts the Labor Party and its voters with a seeming win against the Right. 

Arik, therefore, gifts himself with Fuad as his easily beaten political opponent in the upcoming elections. 

Add to that: Ben Eliezer wishes to bribe Yassir Arafat with the withdrawal of troops from Hebron. That goes back to the much earlier program which called for the evacuation of Jews from Hebron on the pretext that they are being rescued.

I am deeply concerned that a series of cascading events are in the works to justify evacuating large areas of YESHA. That would require a certain amount of pre-planning and coordination between the U.S. State Department, leading E.U. nations, the Labor Left and the Left Liberal Media. Key players would be Shimon Peres via his Institute and Yossi Beilin being funded by the Europeans through his organization. 

We are often condemned by the Oslo planners that saying or writing the above means only that we are "conspiracy buffs". However, when you read history carefully, you would note that every event was, indeed, the planning or conspiracy of men to achieve their goals - for good or ill. Nevertheless, when future conspiracies are forecast, the doubters attempt to dismiss the blatant indicators as merely "the excited imagination of conspiracy buffs". Be assured, as you read this, there are those who are meeting and orchestrating your future as THEY would have it. Thats called "conspiracy". 

Other indicators go hand-in-hand with planned provocations as described above. Besides the actual act of false provocation, the conspirators need to harness the Media to spread the word and guide their audience to the conclusion of guilt. For example, the Hebrew Press has always been very close to the Labor/Meretz Left and, whenever possible, any story that can pillory the Right is played up in what professionals call "Spin". 

Read the Friday, October 25th & 24th HAARETZ (a leading hard Left newspaper also printed in English within the INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE - owned by the NEW YORK TIMES and WASHINGTON POST). They feature a slew of news articles, editorials and commentaries - all slanted to denigrate and castigate the "Hill Kids" in vile terms. An in-depth analysis of these many hostile pieces would demonstrate the pathological hatred the Left Media and their employees have for the Nationalistic Right, who believe in defending the Jewish State of Israel by pioneering empty, rocky hills in uncomfortable living conditions because these believe in the justice of the Jewish State of Israel and the dangers of eviscerating the heartland from their State. 

HAARETZ (and, probably the other 2 Left wing Newspapers, YEDIOT AHRONOT and MAARIV - in Hebrew) are attacking those younger settlers who are defying the removal and uprooting of the lonely outposts by calling them names. By naming them as a special "Hilltop Youths", and creating the theme with that title, the spin is to make them seem violent thereby put a black mark on ALL settlers. It seems to me that the Media could be sued for malicious blood libel by labeling these young Jewish pioneers with such epithets as "Eccentric Dreamers"; "the most dangerous and most extreme elements in the territories"; "displaying blind hatred for the authorities and complete disregard for the rule of law"; "stuck on the fringe"; "a criminal element"; "all kinds of educational mutations that have spread out of control"; "unscrupulous"; "nihilists"; "violent and unpredictable"....(1) 

Some of the mature leaders in the settlements are concerned about some of the youth on the "fringes", but, as noted above, it is possible that they have been planted there as part of the governments Left wing planned provocateurs. Some of the leaders of the Left who ought to be mature are described as, for example, Dror Etkes, the Peace Now activists "was raised in a religious home but a few years ago he turned to secularism and began a fierce struggle against the settlements. He dreams that one day they will ALL be dismantled and that a Palestinian State will be established." This is from whence comes the danger of hatred of his fellow Jews. (1) 

"They are Hamas youth," stated Avraham Burg repeatedly. "Skinheads," Uzi Benziman called those who, after being evacuated from Havat Gilad, hurried back to their volunteer work for Magen David Adom or care for the elderly. "The rabbis", said Shimon Peres, "are shitty inciters." "Hooligans," the Defense Minister called them. ...."horrific comparison Skinheads; a burning jealousy that translated into hatred that the vast majority of young people today willing to fight and sacrifice for ideals come from religious-Zionist homes." (2) 

Yes, people were hurt at the uprooting of Havat Gilad, the farm owned by Zar family, but, why did the police and army have to use such force against them? Soldiers, police and settlers were injured in the melee. Apparently, Fuad reneged on an agreement with the Zar family who set up the outpost after one of their sons, Gilad, was murdered for voluntary evacuation but permission to work the land. The Defense Ministry denies this vehemently. However, in 2 other outposts, the settlers evacuated quietly and the soldiers took over as a defensive security outpost located on central traffic arteries. Unnamed YESHA residents had harsh criticism for the hilltop youth. But, the Army did order the soldiers movement on Shabbat and this was not a pikuah nefesh (saving of life) issue. (3) Outright desecration of Shabbat has been sufficient to topple previous governments. 

Now we hear from the political Left. Fuad Ben-Eliezer says, "Cut Settlement Funding or the Government will Fall". (4) Pure political dirty tricks. The only extras the settlements might receive in funding is for armored buses - necessary to move their children and women to schools and work. IF the Government put down the Intifada (uprising) as Egypt and Jordan did, with the proper strength needed, then the budget could be cut down for such armored buses, security patrols, search and destroy missions for terrorists and bomb factories, et al. But, no. Fuad wants to blame the settlers for living, instead of reaching conclusions that his Ministry isnt doing the job right. 

Clearly, whether preplanned or merely coasting on an opportunity to attack the Right, the Leftist Media is ramping up a campaign to persuade their readers that it is alright to attack these Jews and evacuate the settlements in YESHA. This would flag a coordinated effort, linked to other events, some instigated by "Agents Provocateurs" to push the public into hostile judgement against the Right generally and the entire Settlement enterprise specifically. 

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