Yisrael Cohen told the story of how he was almost corrupted. The mayor of Tel Aviv during the 1970s was Mordechai Namir. His wife Ora Namir was later a Minister in Peres' government and then sent to China as Israel's ambassador. One night Mayor Namir caught his wife in the sack with Moshe Dayan. He reacted by swallowing a bottle of barbiturates in front of both of them. An ambulance was called and Namir's stomach pumped at Ichilov. Yisrael Cohen examined the contents of the stomach and wrote a lab report.  

"I was squeezed to falsify the report. First the hospital director cornered me, then someone I didn't know. I was literally ordered to change the name of the attempted suicide. They didn't want another Labor Party scandal or Ora Namir's promiscuity to get out. They didn't want to lose control of Tel Aviv city hall. I resisted all the pressure and the truth did get out. Mayor Namir's career was over."

Ora Namir, Ron Pundak, Michael Melchior, all Peres' protegees. All "peacemakers." All filthy to the core. And the filth will continue with the Labor Party's upcoming new leader.

The very first story published in my defunct newsletter Inside Israel, in November 1993, was the ugly truth about two Poles named Andre Genshyurovski and Bogslev Bagshik. In one of the biggest robberies in history, these crooks stole $600 million from the Polish banking system. They arrived in Israel on visas arranged by the Prime Minister's Liaison Office, known as Nativ, and were given shelter. Between 1992-1995, Shimon Peres and then-Energy Minister and later Police Minister Moshe Shachal were smuggling major crooks and their stolen money into Israel on Nativ visas, including the former president of the Ukraine and Yugoslavia's leading banker. In the months before his murder, Rabin tried earnestly to shut down Nativ and initially I considered this the prime motive for his murder. Yigal Amir was sent to Riga, Latvia as an employee of Nativ in the spring and summer of 1992.

The Poles, both gentiles, became Jews when then-Interior Minister Arye Deri granted them citizenship based on the Law of Return. Now a way had to be found to launder all the money. Shachal had a plan. He'd sell them Israel's largest petrochemical concern, Paz Oil, whose majority shares were owned by his Energy Ministry. Seven years earlier, minority shares were purchased by a contractor named Gad Zeevi. He proved more than willing to sell these shares to the Polish megacrooks.
Today, Shachal in still in the oil business. Just last year, an Argentinian company he chaired wooed the Taliban to allow them to build an oil pipeline through Afghanistan. Another company vying for the pipeline
was Unocol, with tentacles all through the Bush Administration.
The Taliban turned both down, then came September 11 and we know the rest.

A few months ago, The Jerusalem Post Tel Aviv magazine, City Lights published a strange report. It seems that Daniel Kurtzer, Israel's Council On Foreign Relations executive American ambassador had recommended Haifa mayor Amram Mitzneh as the new Labor Party leader. It was reported that arch-traitor Yossi Beilin would support his candidacy. I knew then that he was in and I was aghast.


Beilin, Reshef, and Masalha Back Mitzna
17:49 Nov-13-02, 8 Kislev 5763 

(IsraelNN.com) Three of the Labor partys leading leftist MKs, Yossi Beilin, Tsali Reshef, and Naif Masalha have announced their support for ultra-leftist candidate Amram Mitzna in the race for party head. Reshef, one of the founders of the Peace Now movement, stated that he withdrew his support for MK Haim Ramon in an attempt to stave off a second round of voting and to preclude any chance of victory for former Defense Minister, Binyamin ben Eliezer, a more centrist candidate.

You see, in June 1982, my army unit entered Lebanon on the first day of the invasion. My superior officers included Dan Shomron, Ehud Barak and Amram Mitzneh. I fought in the central axis, the only front of three which failed to meet its battle plan on time. Our goal was to split the Beirut-Damascus highway and trap the Syrian Army behind our lines. We didn't reach this goal until two months later, when this trio of buffoons
was replaced.

Worse, we suffered horrendous losses for no apparent reason. The biggest fiasco of the whole war occurred when Colonel Ehud Barak ordered a religious armored division into a Syrian ambush in a valley called Sultan Yakub. Twenty three soldiers were killed in the ambush and another five captured and later murdered. Barak's leading role in the fiasco was covered up until this day and the five captured soldiers were deliberately neglected as part of this cover-up.

And while my axis was being slaughtered, Col. Amram Mitzneh informed Defence Minister Ariel Sharon that he refused to lead his troops into battle. Faced with an immediate threat of being fired, he reneged on his declaration. But the central axis continued to miss its assigned targets for the rest of his tenure.
Five years later, the intifada broke out and who did Defence Minister Rabin assign to squelch it but the worst officers of the Lebanon War; Ehud Barak, Dan Shomron and Amram Mitzneh? They not only failed to put it down, it seemed they were deliberately fanning it.

Last week, journalist Uri Dan wrote a piece exposing Mitzneh's role in the Lebanon War and he made a frightening implication: perhaps Mitzneh was also involved in the Sultan Yakub slaughter and just maybe, the Israeli religious troops were sent to their slaughter deliberately to wreck
Sharon's, so far, successful war aims.

And who would have ordered them to give such a treasonous command? Frightened by the success of the Begin/Sharon Lebanese policy, terrified by the likelihood that it would lead to a peace treaty with a stable Christian government, Shimon Peres and Yossi Sarid began an expensive anti-war campaign in the US, working hand in hand with the CFR's Sandy Berger. They turned American opinion against Begin and Sharon, destroyed Christian Lebanon, strengthened the Syrian enemy and assured the death of 500 more Israeli soldiers in Lebanon.

It took the CFR another decade before they financed the bumbling Barak into the Prime Minister's Office but it was worth the trouble. Practically his first act in power was to unilaterally pull out of Southern Lebanon, leaving Israel's Christian allies to run for their lives or face torture.

Barak's withdrawal left Haifa exposed to missile and artillery attacks. But Mayor Mitzneh didn't care. He was having much too much fun taking payoffs from Gad Zeevi in return for handing the contractor the
finest pieces of city-owned real estate to build malls and luxury apartment blocks. Yes, Zeevi, who sold his Paz Oil shares to the crooked Poles was now living it up on the generosity of Amram Mitzneh.

And Mitzneh did not forget his old battle comrade Ehud Barak. Nope, not by a long shot. Barak's campaign team is now under police investigation for financing their campaign with donations from bunko charities. Jews in Israel and all over the world contributed to charitable funds to boost employment in slums and the like, but in fact, the money went straight to Barak's election team. Mitzneh sponsored a phoney Haifa charitable fund to pay off his old pal and the State Comptroller is sitting on his unclosed file.


Mitzna Calls for "Disengaging" From Yesha
00:40 Nov-27-02, 22 Kislev 5763

(IsraelNN.com) Labor Party leader Amram Mitzna reiterated his position tonight, promising to "disengage" from Yesha areas if elected as prime minister. Mitzna, a guest on the 'Politika' program stated that within a year of the election he would withdraw Israel from Gaza, uprooting all Jewish communities, and begin the process of uprooting "isolated settlements" in Judea and Samaria. When asked which communities are considered isolated, he declined to elaborate.

Mitzna, a retired IDF major-general, stated he and [Prime Minister] Ariel Sharon are both well-aware that there is no military solution to the ongoing violence, adding there is not even an ability to provide "minimum security" for the residents of high-risk areas. The prime ministerial candidate added that the attack that occurred on a Friday night in Hevron that claimed 12 lives can take place anywhere at any time given the current situation.

Asked about a preference of sitting with the pro-secular Shinui Party or the ultra-Orthodox Shas Party, Mitzna stated he prefers Shinui but added that Jewish values of the state and Jewish majority demand a solution be found to create an appropriate place for the ultra-Orthodox community, adding he favors compulsory military or civilian service for all to create a system by which all citizens are required to contribute equally to the nation's needs.


US Ambassador Meets With Haifa Mayor
20:03 Nov-27-02, 22 Kislev 5763

IsraelNN.com) United States Ambassador to Israel Dan Kurtzer met with Labor Party leader and Haifa mayor, Amram Mitzna. The meeting took place in Mr. Mitzna's Haifa office. Officials explained the meeting was scheduled some time ago, before Mitzna declared his candidacy for the Labor leadership.

Upon completion of the meeting, Kurtzer would only say that he and Mitzna are old friends and he was pleased over the joint US-Israeli cooperation in the Port of Haifa.

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