Vatican: Chronology Pre-Pope Wojtyla

Subject: Vatican-Chronology pre-Pope Wojtyla
By Italian journalist Franco Levi
B"H__Dear Haverim:


Angelo Roncalli, the Patriarch of Venezia, was a close friend of Leone Leoni, Chief Rabbi of Venezia.

Leoni died, Patriarch Roncalli became a close friend of Giuseppe Piattelli, the new chief Rabbi of Venezia. 

Pope Pio XII Eugenio Pacelli died. Roncalli became Pope Giovanni XXIII, started all the "iter" to establish official diplomatic relations Vatican-Israel. In the meantime Albino Luciani, became Patriarch of
Venezia, and a close friend of Rav Piattelli's.

Pope Giovanni XXXIII dies, the "iter" stops halfway.
Pope Paolo VI Giovanni Battista Montini visits Promised Land, never pronounces the name "Israel", no word about diplomatic relations etc, yet half Jerusalem and the Territories are not "occupied"....

Hilarion Capucci Kapudji arrested then freed with some promises by the Vatican .....
Rav Piattelli moves to Rome, as one of the Rabbis there.

Papa Montini dies, Venezia Patriarch becomes Papa Luciani Giovanni Paolo I.
Papa Luciani immediately invites Rav Piattelli who visits with another friend of his, Zeev Yehuda Shk, Czech born, Israel' s ambassador in Italy.
Papa Luciani, Ambassador Shk celebrate the meeting by drinking several cappuccini (Cappucci in ITALYAN), Rav Piattelli does not drink coffee with or without milk.
34 days after election, Pope Luciani dies, a strange heart attack, his associates find the corpse's teeth and knees pasted together. The corpse has to be embalmed, rotting too fast, no chemical analysis as far as we can know.
48 hours after Luciani's death, Ambassador Zeev Yehuda Shk dies of a similarly strange heart attack.

"Acqua tofana", a solution of arsenical salts, the favourite recipe created by Maga Tofana, Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia's favourite sorceress. Acqua Tofana, inodorous, tasteless...if I put it into your cappuccino or cappuccio, you do not realize....
Il clan degli incappucciati o incapucciati.
I know from very reliable sources that Papa Wojtyla never drinks any cappucci. Yet Hilarion Capucci and his friend Mehmet Ali Agca drank together a lot of caff cappucci capuccini cappuccio, before and after May 1981, in Rome, in the Near East and elsewhere, not one stomach ache, they know how to deal with cappuccini. Avner Arazi, in 1978 Consul General of Israel in Milano (in 1996 unfortunately the Consulate in Milano was closed) told me that the "infarto" of both Luciani and Shk were very strange. If he is still alive, Avner Arazi became a businessman, after quitting diplomacy. Could anybody trace him, and ask him a few questions?

Rav Piattelli opens his mouth just to eat a little, and to pray a lot. He often says: "Non mi piace Spiattellare", "Piattelli does not like to talk."

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