[Written During Clinton Years But Holding Lessons For Today]
by Emanuel A. Winston
Middle East analyst & commentator


What do you do with a President who uses his temporary powers of office to put a friendly country at risk of annihilation merely to accommodate hostile Arab nations? This is what President William Jefferson Clinton is doing to Israel.

Perhaps President Clinton doesn't know that his Arabized-driven foreign policy will ultimately either totally destroy Israel or result in casualties of such proportions that she will be vulnerable to occupation by her attackers. Surely, we must cease treating President Clinton as a wayward adolescent barely responsible for his actions and force him into the court of adults for the havoc he is causing.

How is it possible for an American President to put at risk a people who were singled out by Hitler for the same annihilation as promised today by such men as Saddam Hussein (Iraq), Yasser Arafat (PLO), Hafez al Assad (Syria), Ayatollah Khamenai (1) (Iran)? We know that our numerous Intelligence Agencies and the State Department provide the President daily reports on World events and particularly those of the volatile Middle East. President Clinton cannot deny knowledge even as he plays the man-child who cannot be held responsible for his activities. He cannot even blame the State Department for misleading him with their lies. He is ultimately responsible because he had the knowledge.

So, what does the President know and when did he know it?

On taking office, President Clinton was informed about the secret negotiations with Arafat and his minions (while it was still illegal for Israelis to meet with the PLO) that resulted in the Oslo Accords sealed on the White House Lawn - with the handshakes and promises that turned deadly to over 300 Israelis in the last 4 years.

President Clinton was informed by Intelligence that Yassir Arafat has broken every single agreement, clause, side letter co-signed by the United States.

President Clinton was informed that the PLO was interlocked with Hamas operationally.

President Clinton was informed that Arafat had given his infamous "GREEN LIGHT" to have his terrorist policemen turn their automatic weapons on Israeli soldiers, killing sixteen in only one incident, among many others.

President Clinton was informed that the 7 cities Israel surrendered to Arafat's control were transformed into cities of refuge for terrorists who conducted killing operations in Israel.

President Clinton was informed when Arafat, in numerous public statements bragged that he would take ALL of Israel for his State of Palestine with ALL of Jerusalem as the capital of his State and ONLY his State of Palestine. Arafat has been filmed and recorded continually proclaiming this, declaring his Jihad against Israel. All of this information was laid on the President's desk. (2)

President Clinton was involved in trying to throw the 1996 Israeli election in order to defeat now Prime Minister Netanyahu and keep the Leftist Peres government in power because Peres agreed to the Arab/Clinton demands, no matter how risky. And, Clinton is still crassly tilting his Presidency to publicly snub Netanyahu thereby insulting Israel, while having "time" to see Peres and Widow Rabin for 4 hours.

President Clinton has been informed on estimates of weapons being illegally smuggled into areas controlled by the PLO and assisted by Hamas.

President Clinton has been briefed on the number of terrorist policemen under arms well in excess of the Oslo agreement. (Note! Informed experts believe that close to 90,000 PLO policemen have been armed and paid by the money of donor countries, including the US.

President Clinton has details on Arafat's and the PLO absorbing donor money for their own pockets but insists on giving Arafat more US tax dollars with no accountability.

President Clinton has daily briefings on the military posture of Syria, Iran, Iraq - each of whom has promised to destroy Israel in coordination with the Palestinians. Even the ordinary public understands that each of these countries is assembling a stockpile of NBC, Nuclear, Biological, Chemical weapons - most of which has been supplied by the West. (3)

President Clinton knows that Arafat never changed or canceled the Palestinian National Covenant as he has obligated the PLO to do in signing the Oslo and Hebron Accords. Dennis Ross lies when he says that the PLO canceled the Covenant in April 1996. (4) The PLO Covenant of 1964, ratified in 1988 has 33 clauses, most of which call for Israel's destruction.

With all this knowledge in hand, President Clinton issued the nation a whitewash report which stated that Arafat had kept all of his agreements in order to continue sending US taxpayers' money to Arafat's PLO. The President lied! And he was lied to!
There is much more but I think you, the reader get the idea.

President Clinton has all this information (and then some) which clearly states that neither Arafat, Syria, Iran, Iran or even Egypt and Jordan have given up their Islamic vendetta they call Jihad to kill the nation of Israel. Yes, Egypt and Jordan who have both joined the Pan-Arab/Islamic Alliance with Syria, Iraq and Iran planning a regional war targeting Israel (with the PLO as an armed fifth column). (5) The evidence is recorded on audio and video and is overwhelming. (6)

And yet, President Clinton has used every ugly pressure to force Israel into a very vulnerable, even suicidal position. We are now talking Genocide because this has been the unremitting policy of both radical and so-called conservative Arab nations. This translates that one side does the dirty operations while the other provides funding, protection, weapons, support, planning, safe refuge after terror operations.

Once in time, the world recognized that one nation could set in motion dynamics which caused Genocide. The world, led by America, brought the Nazi war criminals to trial under the jurisdiction of the Nuremburg Tribunals. That Court found guilty and hanged key Nazis, then called "War Criminals". Regretably, most, particularly those in Germany's industry, assisted by the State Department, were ignored and they did get away with murder.(7) Perhaps it was said best by Daniel Jonah Goldhagen when he concluded that the ordinary German people approved and assisted in the Genocide of Europe's Jewry.(8)

Once again we find an American President pretending Israel is not under threat but merely mistaken in ignoring the opportunity to accept Arab promises. (9&10) Can one make a citizen's arrest of a President who can be shown to be setting up circumstances that will undoubtedly lead to war and very likely Genocide? Every scintilla of evidence conclusively points to the fact that this President is willing to push Israel into a position of maximum risk despite evidence chronicled and stacked on the President's desk.

President Clinton has, with malice aforethought and cold blood, turned all his resources against the Jews of Israel. His Secretary of State Madame Madeleine Albright (who recently discovered she is also Jewish) mouths the President's words, telling Israel she must make the "confidence-building" gesture of withdrawing from more of her land, just to please Arafat and bring him back to the negotiating table.

Note that Arafat has not complied with any of his commitments in the Oslo and Hebron Accords. The Prime Minister of Israel points out that there has been no reciprocity by Arafat. In other words, Arafat has broken every promise and still insists that withdrawals written into the Oslo Accords must be kept by the Jews. The woman in the iron corset threatens Netanyahu with the full authority of our wayward President and the biased Media. With all this knowledge of Arab plans and actual actions, one must assume this President is driven by unholy, unspeakable motives.

For these reasons, it is time for Congress to hold hearings on Bill Clinton's foreign Middle East policies. If he is being led by money coming from oil companies and Arab oil nations, then this is a matter for impeachment. If he has knowingly engaged in setting the stage for the weakening of an ally, leading to the Genocide of her people, then the Nuremberg laws apply to him. President Clinton has skillfully used his boyish charm to soften the criticism due to his immoral ways. Weakening an ally with sure knowledge that 160+ million Arab Moslems have pledged to kill that ally, cannot be ignored, even if the President says, "Aw, Shucks, I didn't mean it", as wrinkles up his chin meaningfully. It's time for Congress to demand those open hearings and we need them now.

Know this! The office of the President is supposed to represent the American people and be above reproach. It is not to be a way out for Presidents who would turn the White House into a corrupt institution of influence peddling and policy for sale - where, for a price, one can claim a bed.

Betraying an ally for the oil companies and Arab oil countries' resources and markets is not the job description of the American Presidency. If this Administration cannot do the job and tell friend from foes, his malfeasance in office must be exposed. The American people are sick of having hustlers for Presidents, turning their office into a bribe bank for any gang or nation who has the price. A President who is willing to sell our nation's friends to the Arab Moslems is nothing more than a guy in a doorway selling drugs and guns until the cops grab him.

I guess that a President who haunts dark doorways of foreign policy doesn't deserve to be a President for the American people. We are an honorable people and we have an honorable country. We have a right to be proud of our elect and, when they do not live up to our standards - ours, not theirs - then, they must be run out of town.

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