Does the State Department Lie About Israel?


If you answered: "Yes!" to any or all of the above three questions, you would have been correct. May 21st headlines in the main news journals (who generally act as spokesmen for the State Dept.) announced the following:

"Israel has empty houses in the West Bank, Gaza and Golan Heights towns and, therefore, has no need for additional housing."

This was only one incident in a stream of false leaks and charges designed to force Israel's surrender to Arab demands.
It's no business of the White House or State Dept. to decide whether another nation needs or plans future housing for its growing population. Israel has absorbed over 750,000 new immigrants in the last five years - the ratio of which would equal approximately 4.2 million immigrants coming into the America. It is a sovereign right for a nation to build housing for its people. At this "empty housing" press conference reporters who cover the territories rolled on the floor with laughter. They couldn't believe the Americans would put out information so obviously wrong. Even the head of Peace Now (who has a vested interest in supporting the US claims) termed the American estimates of vacant housing in the settlements "ridiculous".

Arabists in the US government tied to Arab oil have objected from the first to the establishment of the State of Israel and the immigration of more Jews. In order to accommodate complaining Arab oil/Terror nations, the State Dept. has mounted a vicious propaganda war to stifle the building of homes for Jews living in Jerusalem and the territories. The word "Judenrein" (Jew-Free) was established during the Nazi era and now again, courtesy of an Arab-influenced State Dept., it has been resurrected.

This story reveals that America uses military spy satellites over Israel supposedly to check on unoccupied houses. The State Dept. also used spy technology to intercept Israel's private communications (May 7 and 8) and falsely accused Israel of spying and torturing. Why are America's billion dollar satellites, which should be scanning the terrorist camps in Syria, Iraq, and Iran, diverted to spy on the only democratic nation in the entire Mid East? Besides this being a stupid mission and waste for our satellites, does this tell us our State Dept. bureaucrats use thermal imaging to detect the body heat signatures to determine if there are humans inside?

Why isn't US Intelligence tracking how many anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles the Palestinians have smuggled into their enclaves? Or publicizing the illegal Palestinian construction in Israeli areas deliberately squeezing the bypass roads into gauntlets of raining rocks and firebombs? Or tracking the Arabs who have entered Israel under visitor's passes and stayed on as "illegal aliens"...72,000 in Greater Jerusalem alone? Or accounting for all the PLO's hidden assets - ($8-10 billion in 1992 plus $1-2 billion in annual income according to the National Criminal Intelligence Service (NCIS) of the United Kingdom.(1)

Why? Because Bill Clinton has political needs requiring Israel to surrender to the arch terrorist of them all - Yassir Arafat. As reported by Steve Emerson (2) we find the Clintons frequently at Arab-American affairs, mingling with old, old friends. With access to the billion-trillion cash flow from oil sheiks, one might wonder if the political foreign dollar flow influences our satellite flybys over Israel.

The US State Dept. (linked to White House directives) has issued outrageously false reports about Israel and the PLO that go beyond ordinary political lying. Even the Leftist press occasionally reports that Arafat has abrogated every single commitment in the Oslo Agreement. Nonetheless, Clinton and the State Dept. shamelessly disseminate dishonest reports that Arafat has kept the agreement. Even as suicide bombers proliferate and the death toll mounts to now over 300 since the September 1993 signing on the White House lawn, the US government is misleading Congress and the American people. The White House and its State Dept. apparachniks want to continue giving $500 million of US taxpayers' dollars to Arafat which by US law would not be available if Arafat broke the so-called "Peace" agreements. To curry favor with the Arab oil nations, our President and American State Dept. falsified their reports on Arafat's non-compliance.

The most recent proclamation that there are many empty Israeli apartments is intended to assist Arafat in his protestations that Israel must not build for its Jewish population and is tied into a long string of State Dept. political lies. Why is the State Dept. using the proverbial forked tongue - with one segment devoted to stimulating Yassir Arafat's tapeworm greed for ALL of Israel. Arafat has stated repeatedly that he intends to eventually take over all of Israel as his State of Palestine with Jerusalem as his capital. Clearly, neither Arafat nor the Clintons want Jews building houses on land the Palestinian terror nation wishes for itself.

Before the "housing" lie, there was the widely publicized "costly intercept" spy lie. As reported May 7 in the Washington Post, the American NSA (National Security Agency) electronically intercepted official conversations between Israel's Ambassador and it's Foreign Ministry. As reported, one requested the other to ask "Mega" for the secret letter Sec. of State Christopher gave to Arafat January 1997, before Hebron was signed away. Why should there be secret commitments from the US to Arafat?

But, in a mistranslation from Hebrew to English our vaunted spies in the NSA screwed up. The US set up 2 international organizations in the 1970's. One was named Megawatt: to share information involving political activities throughout the Western world. The second, called Kilowatt gathered and shared information about terrorists and hijackers to evolve counter terrorism measures. Israel used the nicknames Megawatt and Kilowatt as did Interpol.(3) These nicknames were known by the CIA, NSC (National Security Council), NSA, Naval Intelligence but some dolt screwed up either deliberately or through stupidity and made a bad translation causing Janet Reno to start a spy hunt. Reno, no great mind, could not communicate with the various intelligence agencies in order to find out that her "spy" hunt was built on ephemeral hypotheses.

After this enormous goof, the matter dropped from the front pages of such government spokesmen as the NY Times, Chicago Tribune, CNN and others. As was intended, the fraudulent government accusation made front page headlines and the intended damage was done. Not only was the information misleading but it exposed the fact that someone within the Clinton Administration thought that it was a good idea to beat Israel over the head with a huge, even though contrived expos. They only succeeded in revealing the fact that the NSA (our great intelligence vacuum inhaler) was intercepting Israeli communications, conducted in a supposedly unbreakable code. The same was applicable to all other nations, from our own allies to the most dangerous Middle East terrorist nations and groups. The expos was a two-edged sword as all nations now had public proof that US intelligence was spying and intercepting their official and supposedly confidential communications.

In order to twist Israel's arm and bend PM Netanyahu to Arafat's will by means of US pressure, the White House blew future ongoing covert intercept operations aimed at listening to ALL nations - friendly and hostile. Naturally, Israel, Russia, Iraq, France, England, Iran, China, Japan - everyone - will alter their coded exchanges, leaving our vaunted spies in the NSA. CIA, and FBI deaf, dumb and blind. The cost will be in the billions of dollars for what was lost and the replacement of new electronics in order to listen to our friends.

How many times have our Presidents and State Dept. denied vociferously that they spy on our allies and friends? The fact is, we spy on everyone and then either use blackmail which is called "covert diplomacy" or leak partial truths and outright lies in exclusive scoops to the insatiable maw of the waiting media spokesmen.

Several other propaganda smears appeared this same month emanating from the White House and State Dept... May 8, the day after the Washington Post broke the bogus "spy" story, the New York Times headlines read: "Coercing Captives Becoming Law of Land" while the story underneath that one read: "FBI Inquiry: Is Israel Using Mole in the US?" stirring the "spy" story. Then their editorial of May 9 was headed: "Using Torture in Israel". Israeli interrogators are permitted by law to using moderate pressure, sleep deprivation, shaking, etc. under careful supervision of law in order to ferret out terror plots before they happen. Israel has thus foiled more than 90 such plots by careful investigative work although other terror operations have resulted in the killing of hundreds - if not thousands. Unfortunately, Rabin and Peres destroyed the Israeli network of intelligence operatives among the Palestinians by exposing them to the PLO's Secret Police. These two naive Leftists employed a childish theory of total appeasement. The result was hundreds of deaths from terror.

Note that both planted stories appeared immediately after Arafat's Palestinian Authority announced that "The death penalty will be imposed on any Arab selling one inch of land to Israelis." Two Palestinians have recently been tortured and murdered for selling land to Jews.

May 12 the prestigious British Intelligence Digest reported that the Clinton Administration is withholding vital intelligence data from Israel on Iran's nuclear plans for fear of damaging US relations with Russia, who has become a major supporter of Iran. Withholding information is a sophisticated and deadly form of lying. This occurred before when former Sec. of Defense Casper Weinberger cut off the flow of information to Israel regarding the plans of his Arab friends to develop NBC, Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological weapons.

Time and again Congress has been asked to hold hearings on American policy in the Mid East and, just as often, they've remained silent or simply refused. Like our missing MIAs; like the poisoning of our soldiers in the Gulf War; like the secret Tuskegee experiments; like the release of radio-active materials over our own population centers...the American government and its institutions lie if it suits their purposes. While the perfidy of our Presidents has been exposed for betraying our allies, Congress is just as guilty by keeping their silence.

By what right has this ethically corrupt and morally bankrupt organization called the US State Dept. fed our ally, Israel, to a terrorist gang called the PLO? What exactly are their deep and ugly connections to Arafat and the Arab oil nations? The State Dept. is not an organization to be proud of, but an ugly beast posing behind the American flag. It destroys countries and lies to the American people who employ these scoundrels to do honest work. Instead, they activate American Intelligence organizations to do their malevolent dirty work.

The present and long term target is Israel. Companies and their corporate officers deeply connected to the organized criminal oil nations, are inexorably woven into our American government. These powerful corporations can and do influence Congress, the White House, the State Dept. and our Intelligence Agencies. These are companies with men and women who penetrate our government, serving only the interests of those nations who support them in various financial ways - particularly when it come to oil cash flow.

The White House, multi-national corporations, State Dept. are merely one huge revolving door where these corrupt bandits go from one entity to another, often ending back in the corporate cycle and much richer. Our Democracy cloaks a corrupt shadow government that exercises much more power than the public government. Perhaps, it is for this reason that Congress has been humbled to the point that it serves vested interests who dictate its public decisions. Congress of today (with some very noble exceptions) wouldn't dare hold hearings on the covert activities of our American government with terrorist oil nations. Few doubt that a succession of Presidents conducted our foreign policy in a manner that warranted impeachment, if not jail. Only our Congress can dig out the true story but, they can only do that at great risk.

Our Intelligence Agencies have frequently pointed out that Islamic terrorists have made their home in America with the assistance of Arabists in our Government. We caught a glimpse of this spreading menace when Sheik Abdel Rahman was caught in his plot to bomb the World Trade Center, the UN, Lincoln Tunnel and assassinate political and religious leaders. When these terrorists swing into full operation. our hospitals will be filled with the dead and dying. Maybe then we will wake up to this horrendous threat. Hopefully, a day will come when the courts will issue arrest warrants for those in government and multi-national corporations for treason and making common cause with terrorists and terrorist nations for money and power.


1. "Don't Underrate Arafat's Bank Account" by Rachel Ehrenfeld Wall St. Journal Europe 12/2/93
2. "Terrorist Ties OK at the White House" by Steve Emerson Pittsburgh Tribune Review 12/22/96

3. "Reports: Israeli Spy Story was 'Mega'-Mistake" Reuters Jerusalem May 8, 1997


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