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Moshe Zar, owner of the Gilad Farm, spoke very emotionally to Arutz-7's Emanuel Shilo this morning about the events of the past few days. He wished to emphasize the following two points:

"First, to say that people are raising hands against policemen is simply not true; it's a total lie. Saturday night, we were sitting here about 120 people, boys, girls, and others Suddenly 200 huge special-unit policemen, each one a gorilla, came and lined up about 80 meters from us. All of a sudden, they started running towards us like a swarm of bees, and started swinging and attacking and punching us horrifically. They didn't begin by asking us to leave, but just started hitting, like animals! There was not one policewoman amongst them [to deal with the girls]. Not one of us hit back; they started hitting us! The Prime Minister and everyone else talking about people who hit policemen are mistaken; none of us hit - except one case I saw where five or six policemen were on top of one kid, kicking and punching him; wouldn't you try to fight back in such a situation? ...

...Another Sabbath guest at the farm, Yitzchak Pass of Hevron, who remained on Sunday as well, told Arutz-7 today, "There was violence, but most if not all was provoked by the police. Just the fact that they came without ID tags tells us that something was not going to be 'kosher...'"