Elliot Abrams

From Canada, a learned scholar of covert shenanigans is not excited by the prospect of Elliot Abrams coming to my region (Middle East):


You guys get Elliott Abrams, the Iran Contra drug dealing Hispanic murdering felon who was convicted and then pardoned by Bush, as your new National Security Council liaison for Arab-Israeli relations. His official
title is Senior Director NSC Near East and North African Affairs.

Watch for young Israeli heroin and maybe cocaine use to skyrocket, as prices get cheaper and cheaper thanks to Abrams and Zinni. You now have both the supply side (Zinni) and distribution end (Abrams) working Israel full time.

I guess the plan is to turn Israel and Palestine into South Central LA... it worked in Cali, so I guess they figure what the Hell, let's poison the Jews and Muslims too.

Keep your kids informed about drugs, and away from them. Every dollar spent on US heroin from Afghanistan helps kill both Jewish and Muslim Semites.

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