The Lubavitcher Rebbe
By Barry Chamish


The humiliating concessions made by Israel under the Camp David (I) accords are a direct result of Jewish weakness. Instead of basing our claim to the land on G-d's promise to His people, we prefer to rely on the goodwill and generosity of the non-Jew. Instead of being proud and firm in our identity, we adopt non-Jewish attitudes and quail and cower before the gentile nations. 
- The Lubavitcher Rebbe

The signing of the Camp David (I) accords by Israel is the most senseless folly imaginable. We have ceded our security - lands, oil, settlements and airfields - for nothing but a piece of paper that can be torn up at any time. The "peace" we thought to gain is a bitter illusion, and the only result is that now we are infinitely weaker and the enemy infinitely more powerful.
- The Lubavitcher Rebbe


From New York, more suspicions of foul play:

The only pogrom in US history was the pogrom in Crown Heights, at the time that the Rebbe was coming out very strongly against the whole process. He was telling the Israeli government what was going on and how to thwart it, on a weekly basis. Also, during that period he took on a body guard, which 
remained in effect until the end. (Another two points: 1) the Rebbe refused to go to the hospital after his first stroke, remaining in his office except to go to the bais hamedresh. 2) After his second stroke (both on the same date --- 27th of Adar, the same date as the signing of the camp David agreement) there was a big confusion when it came time to take him to the hospital (the Rebbe was no longer capable of making decisions). 

Finally, there was a motorcade --- without police --- in which the van which was supposed to be carrying the Rebbe was attacked and a Yeshiva bachur was killed, shot to death while sitting inside the van. Meanwhile, one of the seemingly unimportant members of the caravan slipped away, taking many back streets and non-direct routes, eventually arriving at the hospital with the Rebbe inside. There was a body guard was always in his room.)

Over the years I have come to believe that he was targeted along with other Jewish leaders. The pogrom is not a conventional American weapon. Now that you have clarified the European involvement, I understand where it came from.

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